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Vicky Kennedy is the principal Director of two very successful clinics and has been for 30 years.  A Harley Street trained Paramedical Skin Practitioner, highly qualified, and experienced aesthetician in all aspects of skin revision, laser techniques and advanced in ACP (advanced cosmetic procedures for the removal of body blemishes).  Awarded with the accolade of Best Practitioner in 2010 by DMK-UK and awarded to be an Ambassador for Alumier MD in 2018. We have a driven passion to solve your skin concerns and conditions. Our team has been carefully selected and trained to excel in their chosen vocation within the world of Beauty and the Aesthetic arena, but more importantly within Evolve. The Evolve team keep up with the latest training in the fast moving world of advanced skin revision Aesthetics and beauty.

Years of experience is important when making your choice of clinic.

Each individual is passionate about the treatments they specialise in, with ongoing support and encouragement from Vicky.  Team Evolve will ensure that you are provided with knowledgable and informative treatments, applied to the highest of hygiene and safety standards in beautiful surroundings.  We have seen many unprecedented changes in our years of experience, therefore have extensive knowledge in our profession. We are driven by the results we know we can achieve with integrity for YOU. Ground breaking research, technology and product developments have meant an overwhelming level of choice for both clinic and client. Each brand claiming that their product is best, each offering their claims backed by research. Whilst there is no doubt that recent developments have improved the way health and beauty practitioners ply their profession, there is still a lot of misleading information.

Substance & Knowledge backed by true no filter results.

There are many salons/clinics and stores all over the world who advertise and sell health and beauty. There are as many health and beauty products also ranging the industry. They bring different promises, guarantees and offers. But before purchasing or visiting a clinic, you need to know details of their products and therapies. You need to feel confident that your clinic can offer you the treatment and products that you will positively benefit from.

Health and Beauty products can improve lives and the way in which we live them. They have come a long way over the years and most definitely EVOLVE.



By Mr Lee Whittle BDS

EV facial aesthetics is part of the evolve clinic brand, housed in the
stunning and discreet Heritage House location.
All aesthetic treatments are undertaken by Mr Lee Whittle BDS and Mrs Sandra Whittle BDS, who are both dental surgeons based in Manchester with nearly forty years combined clinical practice experience.  Lee has a long-standing relationship with Evolve and has been part of the team for the last fourteen years.  Sandy has joined us more recently in 2016.
They both love the science and art of aesthetics and are passionate about best practice. Although both have a great depth of experience, they are committed to enhancing and consistently improving their skills.  Attending various conferences and training seminars throughout the year, ensures that we provide the most up to date techniques and best practice for our patients.
Put simply, the EV aesthetics team are caring professionals, who have a reputation for putting patients interest first and creating excellent results.  EV patients quickly become regular clients who we would like to regard as friends, supporting and helping them towards achieving their aesthetic goals.
Using award winning products at EV Clinic you will be guided through your journey with:
•A free initial consultation
•A range of products and treatment portfolio
•Tailor made treatments
•you are individual so your treatment plan should also be individual
So come and join us in our mission to make you feel like a fresher version of you.
Vicky Kennedy has worked along side Lee Whittle for many years and more recently Sandra Whittle.  I couldn’t be more confident about the procedures carried out within EV AESTHETICS as I know my dear clients are in expert hands.  Here at Evolve we approach the less is more rule and I love that Lee and Sandra have all the time, knowledge and experience that my clientele require.  We work passionately together and support you.
With these treatments at our disposal, we believe there is a treatment or combination of treatments that can give you back that fresher more confident person.  From simple muscle relaxant or lip augmentation, through to more involved combination treatments, there is a treatment waiting just for you.
Best wishes,
The EV Aesthetics team

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Evolve Private Aesthetic Clinic Bolton

A warm welcome to Heritage House

Evolve Aesthetic Clinic was established 30 years ago and has been dedicated to our clients, providing the most advanced and effective cosmetic treatments, helping them achieve their desired results.

We use state-of-the-art technologies and the most advanced techniques to achieve the best results with the least amount of disruption to your everyday life. We perform walk-in walk-out procedures, which do not require general anaesthetic, overnight stays or involve long recovery periods.

Our priority is YOU

What others are saying

I first saw the advertisement for Evolve in a magazine whilst waiting for an appointment with the local chiropodist. I slowly and quietly tore out the page! Well we’ve all done it. This was my last hope.

I was suffering, so I thought, from excessive thread veins on my face. Coming out of the cold into a warm room would make my face become very red and inflamed. The many cosmetics bought over the years, (I am now in my 60’s) have cost me a fortune. Each jar, believing this was miracle cream to reduce redness, creams to cover veins, creams, oils and rose water (very expensive) all to no avail. You were my last hope.

My appointment was made with you at Evolve. At this point I had started declining social events, making excuses so I didn’t have to go. My face looked like the rising sun and lipstick merged into my face. I was becoming a recluse! At the consultation you told me not only do I have severe red veins but also acute rosacea, (my medical book says rosacea, after a period of time becomes permanent) and has to be treated before we deal with the veins.

I left your consultation room with a bag full of creams and lotions, a list of appointments plus the reassurance within 3 months I will be smiling. Purse a lot lighter I returned home to the question “do you really think this will work?”

Well proof is in the face I see everyday. I am amazed what has been achieved by your treatments and products. The products are used and replaced time and time again. My rosacea ha now disappeared, as long as I keep up with your creams, my veins are virtually gone. A twice a year zap solves the problem.

My life ha completely changed. Confidence is back. I now only have Danne products, foundation (chosen by you) and guess what LIPSTICK. Thank you Vicky, my very best wishes to you from a very grateful client.

P x

I’ve been meaning to send you this email for weeks but work and a bad memory has delayed me!

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for what you have done for Lucy’s face and her confidence. I can’t believe her beautiful clear skin, its fantastic!

She is SO much happier, doesn’t need to wear make-up if she doesn’t want to and is happy for all her new flat mates at uni to see her first thing in the morning!

I have to be honest and say that I really didn’t think anything would work after over the years seeing 3 dermatologists, a skin doctor in Abu Dhabi, taking antibiotics, using antibiotic creams, other specialist skin creams, not one of them worked. I feared we would be down the Roaccuatane route, which I really wanted to avoid but it does come to a point where you think which is worse, her skin and state of mind versus a horrible drug that will sort that but give her other nasty side effects, its an impossible situation.

But then the ‘skin angel – you’ came into our lives and even after a few weeks of treatment and using the products as directed by you, we start to see an improvement and it just gets better and better, its amazing, your amazing. You have been nothing but kind and lovely to Lucy, calm and reassuring at all times you have helped her physically and emotionally, with your encouragement and positive attitude, she started to believe herself that things would get better!

My only regret is that I didn’t come to you years earlier like I should have. I kept thinking she would grow out of it, its not that bad, trying her with different skin products not realising at all the damage it was having to her self esteem, if only I could turn the clock back!

Anyway we are where we are, and we’re in a fantastic place, yes we have to travel quite a way for her treatment, yes it can feel a bit pricey, but every single bit of it is worth it and I would recommend you (and have done) to anyone and everyone! Distance and money are nothing to a happy healthy child, well young adult! I’d do it all again in a heartbeat , except sooner!
Thanks so much again Vicky,


Results may vary from person to person.

Results may vary from person to person.