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Acne Treatments at Evolve Skin Clinic

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Why Choose Evolve?

Vicky Kennedy and the Evolve team are Harley Street trained Advanced Paramedical Skin Practitioners, with exceptional knowledge and experience in treating a range of different skin concerns.

Our aim is to make all of our clients feel confident, and we understand how much of an effect suffering with acne can have on your confidence. That’s why we take our time to fully analyse your skin and create an acne treatment individually tailored to you which will not only work to reduce acne, but also prevent any future breakouts.

We’re passionate about clearer, beautiful skin and that’s why we invest heavily in our equipment, products and training to ensure we can offer the best possible treatments and deliver the best possible results for each and every individual.

Our range of acne treatments includes DMK, Alumier, Dermapen and Lynton Lumina. We may recommend a combination of multiple of these treatments to achieve the desired outcome, which will be dependent on the results of your consultation at the clinic.

In-depth consultations prior to any treatment
Acne treatments tailored to your skin concerns
Prescriptive home skincare for better results
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Danné Montague-King Skin Revision

DMK Skincare at Evolve

By combining state-of-the-art science with innovative technology, DMK has created one of the most advanced skin revision systems available. DMK’s skin care systems include a range of exclusive Enzyme Therapy treatments designed to work in synergy with the skin’s natural process. Enzyme Therapy is unique to DMK, and focuses on what the skin naturally responds to. From ageing and acne, through to pigmentation and scarring DMK’s Enzyme Therapy repeatedly achieves long-term professional skin resolutions.

DMK’s skin solutions deliver clinically proven results time and time again, with specially formulated products and treatments which can effectively treat all types of acne from mild to the most severe cases. This is done by treating acne at the root cause, to ensure visibly clear skin that lasts.

We have been offering DMK treatments at Evolve Skin Clinic for many years, and have been able to create some incredible skin transformations with a combination of clinic treatments and at-home skincare. All of our skincare specialists are fully qualified professionals, trained by DMK to administer their treatments.

Before & After Results

At Evolve Skin Clinic
Will Rickard acne results on BBC

DMK Case Study

Dying for Clear Skin - Will Rickard, BBC

Evolve’s Vicky Kennedy was the only other Danne Advanced Practitoner in the UK to carry out treatments on Will Rickard to achive the acne results that were shown on BBC television…
These results were achieved without the use of a popular problematic acne drug and its harmful side effects.
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Alumier MD Skin Science

Alumier Treatments at Evolve

Focusing on the science behind great skin, the results driven professional treatments and at home luxury medical grade products draw on clinically proven, high performance ingredients and the most advanced delivery systems. The products and professional treatments address multiple skin concerns and perform progressively over time. With a dedication to clean science, active molecules are included in a concentration to deliver optimal results.

From their signature glow peels to skin detox treatments, Alumier’s scientific formulas can effectively treat all types of acne and skin concerns with long-lasting results.

A consultation at our clinic is required before treatment, and our skin specialist will build an individual treatment plan depending on your current skin condition, which will include a combination of both in clinic treatments and at-home skincare for the best results.

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At Evolve Skin Clinic

Acne Scarring Treatments

For many acne sufferers receiving acne treatment, there is a final skincare step to consider when looking to achieve smooth and clear skin. Previous acne breakouts can unfortunately leave scars on the skin, especially in the cases of severe acne.

Here at Evolve Skin Clinic, we offer two amazing treatments which penetrate the skin further in order to reduce scarring once acne has cleared, to improve the overall appearance of the skin.

dermapen microneedling

Dermapen Micro-needling

Dermapen is a revolutionary dermatology microneedling device, used in clinics all around the world. The procedure is also known as collagen induction therapy, using fine needles to create tiny little punctures on the top layer of the skin to open the pores and stimulate growth factors which lead to the generation of collagen and elastin.

This makes the treatment incredibly effective for acne scars, by breaking up the fibrosis and uneven scar tissue caused by acne, which is then repaired with new collagen and essentially forms a new layer of skin.

All of our skin practitioners here at Evolve are fully trained to use the Dermapen device, and we have seen some incredible transformations as a result of a microneedling treatment course.

Before & After Results

At Evolve Skin Clinic
dermapen before and after results

Before & After Results

Lynton Lumina Acne Scarring before and after results
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Lynton Lumina Resurfacing

Lynton’s award-winning Lumina ResurFACE laser treatment offers complete skin rejuvenation, as an effective solution for treating skin concerns such as acne scarring.

Their unique laser treatment dramatically smooths and improves commonly scarred areas of the skin, providing excellent results on facial acne scarring over time.

After being blown away by the results of Lynton’s new Lumina treatments, we knew we had to offer these services to our clients at Evolve. We have undergone full training provided by Lynton, and are offically a Lynton approved clinic to administer their treatments.

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