It’s never too late to start taking care of your skin – but the earlier you do, the better.

Every day we brush our teeth, comb our hair and endure a whole host of other daily tasks in which skin care should also be included. You may think that splashing your face with a bit of cold water in the morning or thoroughly removing your make up at night is a sufficient skincare routine, but this may not always be the case.

The condition of our skin is so much more than an aesthetic asset, and actually provides our body with the following important functions:

  • Sensation – the skin allows us to detect pain, pressure and temperature due to the millions of nerve endings it has, which in turn protects the body from injury or damage.
  • Protection – an important function of the skin is to provide protection against harmful toxins and pollutants, while immune cells within the skin prevent infections and cells produce melanin to protect against sun damage.
  • Heat regulation – when we get hot, we sweat. This is the skin’s way of cooling the body down, in a similar way to how our body hairs will stand up when we get cold, in an attempt to trap heat and warm the body up.
  • Absorption – thousands of pores on the surface of the skin are there to absorb essential nutrients such as water, oxygen and vitamins to nourish and moisturise the skin.

Taking appropriate action when it comes to skincare can help to improve the appearance and functionality of the skin from both the inside and the outside. A skincare routine is particularly important if you have problematic skin, and sticking to a consistent routine can help to dramatically improve the texture and overall look of the skin, whilst helping to prevent any further problems in the future.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of products on the market (there’s a lot!), and we’re not insisting that you rush out and stock up on cleansers, toners, moisturisers, serums, oils and anything else that you might be tempted to buy. If building an at-home skincare routine is what you want to do, then our advice would be correct , from a knowledgeable educated position and more importantly results driven experience . Skin is our passion and we can bespoke treatment and homecare to suit your budget ,goals or needs .


For some people, relying simply on an at-home skincare is just not enough, and they find that seeking professional skincare treatments can boost their results massively. Typically, we’re so used to booking appointments for hair, nails, eyebrows, eyelashes etc that it can be easy to forget about the amazing skincare treatments that are also offered and can provide huge benefits.

Here at Evolve Skin Clinic, we have a great range of high quality treatments for the skin, using the best brands and working towards the best results. There’s a whole host of different treatments depending on your skin concerns, and all are carried out by our team of qualified professionals. Take a look at some of our treatments below…


AlumierMD Bolton

AlumierMD is the latest introduction to our line of skincare brands here at Evolve. The company has a huge focus on the science of skincare, and curating scientific formulations using innovative, high quality products. Their in-depth research into the science of skincare is second to none, and the brand was created by a team of experienced PhD biochemists, physicians and skincare specialists, who know exactly what they’re talking about.

They have developed a wide range of products such as antioxidants, cleansers, exfoliants and many more, specifically created to target certain skin types and conditions, as well as a range of professional treatments which are offered by professionals all over the world – including us.

Using a collection of AlumierMD’s professional products, we’re proud to offer a selection of specially created treatments that detoxify, refine, purify and hydrate the skin to create a brighter, clearer complexion.

AlumierMD treatment options

Deep moisturising treatments are the perfect solution for those seeking intense hydration and nourishment of the skin. The treatment is customised to address individual skin concerns, and results in plump, soft skin with a dewy complexion. This treatment isn’t suitable for all skin types, and is usually targeted towards those with more dry, sensitive or irritated skin. So, for those with more oily skin this is probably one to steer clear of.

Enzyme treatments are suitable for all skin types, and are used to help resurface the skin with the use of fruit enzymes. The unique formula exfoliates the skin, removing dead skin cells and encouraging the skin to renew itself. For a brighter complexion with a reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation, this is the treatment for you.

Refining clay treatments effectively clean and exfoliate the skin, by removing dead skin cells and removing any oil or dirt trapped in the pores. It refines and purifies the skin, whilst also reducing the appearance of blemishes and excess oil on the skin. This is perfect for normal to oily skin types.

Chemical peels are available in a variety of options, to target many different skin concerns such as acne, hyper-pigmentation, congestion, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, excess oil and much more. AlumierMD says of their peels: “We offer light- to medium-depth peels known for their excellent results and safety profile. We believe in repeated treatments for progressive and gradual results, and to avoid the side effects and downtime associated with deeper peels.”

Luxury facials are an essential treat for the skin, body and mind. Sit back and relax while our professionals conduct a facial massage, lymphatic drainage and pressure point massage to help release toxins, soothe pain and help you to relax. AlumierMD facials are highly customisable for each individual, and typically result in radiant, refreshed looking skin.

For more information about our AlumierMD treatments, click here.

DMK skin treatments

DMK Alkaline Wash Skincare treatments

We’re proud to offer professional skin treatments from Danne Montague-King (DMK) clinic here at Evolve. The US based company operates with one key concept: to remove, rebuild, protect and maintain. They do this through a fantastic range of botanical-based paramedical products and methodologies.

Their bespoke treatments are tailored to meet the needs of each individual skin type, and are created to combat skin conditions such as acne, ageing, rosacea, sun damage, pigmentation and scarring.

DMK Treatment Options

Acne treatments from DMK typically aim to soften or remove dead skin cells, destroy P-acne bacteria & flush out dead keratin and proteins. Prior to any acne treatment, the skin will be identified to highlight the main concerns, and a treatment will be specially created using a different combination of DMK products. One of the most effective DMK treatments, especially to combat cystic acne, is combining Alkaline Wash with Enzyme therapy. This works to firstly dissolve excess cell build-up, reduce inflammation and destroy bacteria, to eventually begin rebuilding the structure and function of the skin.

Enzyme Therapy as a treatment on its own, performs an incredible procedure on the skin which allows the capillaries to open up, resulting in them pumping more blood, oxygen and nutrients into the skin and removing impurities. It penetrates deep into the layers of the skin, and results in a more toned complexion after just one treatment.

Alkaline Wash is a method of hair removal from DMK, especially for fine downy hair. The removal of this type of hair can be difficult, and cannot be treated with more common types of permanent hair removal i.e. IPL or laser. As the hair growth is usually quite dense, it would take a while to see results from electrolysis etc, which is where DMK’s Alkaline Wash treatment comes into it. The procedure is pain free and large areas can be treated at once, making it a quick and easy process. The treatment usually succeeds in permanent hair reduction and growth rate over a long period of time, and results in a clearer, smoother looking complexion.

Liquid laser can be used to reverse the signs of ageing, as a non-invasive surgery that helps to strengthen, firm and rebuild the skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, as well as bringing fragile or dehydrated skin back to life.

For more information about our DMK treatments, click here.

Anti-ageing treatments

anti-ageing skin treatments

As we get older, the skin naturally ages and we begin to notice things that weren’t there before – fine lines, wrinkles and other effects of ageing skin. These conditions are inevitable, and even when opting for a preventative skincare routine early on in life (usually in your early 20’s), it’s difficult to avoid. Of course, choosing to remove or reduce the visible effects of ageing is completely optional – it’s not everybody’s preference to do so, but for those who do, there are many different options available.

Here at Evolve Skin Clinic, we take anti-ageing down a far more natural yet still effective route than cosmetic surgery. There are still so many options out there without going under the knife, and here’s just a few of them…

Anti-ageing treatment options

PLEXR Soft Surgery can offer a non-surgical face lift and eyelid tightening, by using the world’s first plasma generator for skin sublimation. The technology behind the procedure is incredible, and uses an electrical arc just touching the surface of the skin, produced by nothing but gas particles in the air. This leads to tissue retraction which allows the skin to tighten and perform a “lift” effect on the face, neck or body.

Vampire Face Lift is the celebrity loved non-surgical face lift, which involves using Hyaluronic Acid fillers to lift the skin away from the bone and restore a more youthful volume and shape. It’s a great way of plumping and sculpting the face to give a more natural look to the desired effect, in cases where cosmetic surgery is just not necessary.

Venus Freeze uses radio frequency technology to deliver a painless treatment with zero downtime. The machine tightens the skin in a safe and effective way, allowing for visibly plump, soft, smoother looking skin after just one treatment. Venus Freeze can be used on the face, neck and body to help treat wrinkles and rhytides, as well as reduce cellulite and tighten loose skin for a more contoured look.

Ellipse Laser Skin Rejuvenation helps to create a younger, fresher look with the use of their unique laser system. Light is carefully filtered before being applied to the skin, in order to remove age spots and reduce redness. The light targets cells containing excess melanin or haemoglobin and has the ability to safely destroy them almost instantly. Due to the nature of the treatment, this is most effective on light skin that is not sun tanned.

For more information on our anti-ageing treatments, click here.

Looking for a skin clinic in Bolton? You’ve come to the right place. We’re based on Chorley New Road in Bolton, and you can find our full contact details here to book an appointment and get directions.

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  • Kristofer Van Wagner
    1st December 2021 4:05 pm

    The other day my brother-in-law shared that he is looking to have his skin treated for acne. I appreciate that this post reminded us to consider their skills and reputation. I will definitely keep this information in mind when I help my brother-in-law look for a reliable clinic that offers skin rejuvenating treatment.


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