Introducing Alumier Treatments at Evolve Skin Clinic

AlumierMD has landed at the clinic and we’re loving it. If you’ve come in for a treatment recently you may have noticed the new influx of Alumier products, I thought I’d take some time to discuss the brand, why we picked them and the benefits for you!

AlumierMD Acne Clarifying Cleanser and Purifying Gel Cleanser

Who are Alumier? A relatively new brand launched in September of last year, they are founded on one key principal: EVERYONE wants clear beautiful skin. Think…Innovative new formulations with a team of top scientists and physicians, who’ve gathered over 100 years of experience. That is why they are such a great fit for the clinic.

At the clinic we already have brilliant DMK and ESPA products and treatments, so I’m sure you’re wondering where does Alumier fit in? One of the key factors in the arrival of Alumier is that it complements our current DMK products. Alumier peels can be easily combined with Danne, one great example is the glow peel.

Alumier MD Glow Peel Transformation from Evolve Skin Clinic

Before and after an AlumierMD glow peel at Evolve Skin Clinic

The glow peel is one of many brilliant treatments we’ve got on the website at the moment. Using a multi-purpose solution, we can minimize fine lines and wrinkles, target age spots and leave the skin looking supple and radiant! The really great thing is each peel is unique to you! Depending on areas you personally want to target or improve, don’t just take my word for it why not drop us an email and make an appointment here.

If you’ve got a minute, take a look at some of the fantastic Alumier products we’ve got on our website.

By Thomas James Bibby

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