Full-Face Approach

Often patients will attend for consultations with a specific concern. However, in some cases, a full-face assessment is asked for. In these instances, a combination of the above treatments may be performed, often undertaken as a staged approach rather than in one sitting.


Packages; Available only after consultation


EV Facelift Package: For £1,999 we offer up to 8 syringes of HA filler, along with 2 muscle-relaxant areas and one Aqualyx treatment (a saving of over £500 if purchased individually)

Selfie Package: Lip Augmentation with professional whitening for £399

Deluxe selfie package: Lip Augmentation, cheek augmentation and professional teeth whitening for £599

Ultimate Selfie Package: Lip augmentation, cheek augmentation, jawline definition and professional teeth whitening for £799

Consultation required first to assess suitability.

Packages require payment in advance. T&C apply.


Other Cosmetic Enhancements/Concerns



Gummy Smile

Cheek Augmentation/Profile