PRP and Derma Roller AKA Vampire Facelift

Platelet Rich plasma (Dracula therapy) also known as a ‘vampire facelift’ is a procedure primarily used in our clinic for facial rejuvenation.

Firstly, it must be recognised that PRP is not surgery or a facelift procedure, it will not lift or stretch the skin. The procedure works by utilising the amazing healing and reparative properties of the patient’s own blood to promote and accelerate the repair mechanism of the targeted area.

In relation to facial rejuvenation, PRP has been shown to provide fantastic improvements in skin tone, texture, contour, fine lines, crepey skin and acne scars as well as improving dark circles under the eye, resulting in an overall fresher, healthier glow to the complexion of the skin.

In combination with micro-needling, it has been shown to act synergistically, not just increasing collagen production but the rate and quality of production, providing greater results than by using either procedure alone. This combination has proved extremely successful, especially in relation to acne scarring.

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