Teeth Whitening

We’ve partnered with the renowned teeth-whitening dentist Dr Wyman Chan of London and brought his system to the heart of Bolton. Dr Chan is known for working with Cheryl Cole, Caroline Flack, The Saturdays, Olly Murs, Rebel Wilson and Jessie J, to name a few.

Tooth-whitening doesn’t have to be painful or expensive. Undertaken by Lee Whittle, whose background is as a dental surgeon, we promise to bring you a whitening system that could increase the whiteness of your teeth by up to ten shades!

Our system, based on Dr Chan’s trays, is easy to perform, highly effective and has minimal risk to tooth and gum health. Let us help you to a brighter smile in a safe and professional manner.

Other Procedures/Treatments

Fillers AKA Dermal Fillers and HA Fillers

PlexR Plasma

Wrinkle Reduction

Aqualyx (Fat Dissolving Treatment)