Thread Lifts AKA Threading, Face Threads

Whilst products such as fillers and fat-dissolving injections can help with loose or sagging skin, sometimes a lifting procedure is required, particularly for stubborn jowls or loose skin of the midface as well as the neck.

Whilst surgery is a great option for this, it may not be possible or appropriate in some cases. There is an alternative and these are thread lifts.

In a process called the five-point facelift, extremely fine sutures are placed under the skin and anchoredusing light pressure. These are then tightened to generate lift and support. As resorbable sutures dissolve, new thicker collagen is generated, which then continues to support the tissue.

As well as the five-points lift we can also use threads to help tighten loose skin of the neck in combination with therapies.

More fine, thinner, threads can also be placed towards the surface of the skin and this can help with localized areas of loose skin and rejuvenation.

Thread Lift

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