Reverse the Signs of Ageing

This range of treatments requires an indepth consultation to plan & decide the best course of action for your individual needs.

This course requires dedication, commitment & time from yourself & a one to one close relationship with your practitioner.
Price is on application as this course has many options & can be intense or gradual depending on your goals & timimg.
We feel this is a more natural yet effective option to surgery. We take photos from start to finish for your personal reference.

Treatment options….

  • Danne Monatgue King prescription & enzyme therapy skin treatment course.
  • DMK A-Lift
  • DMK Pro Alpha 6 layer peel
  • DMK Liquid Laser
  • DMK Remodeling Procedure
  • Alumier glow peel and rad 30
  • BTL Lumina
  • BTL Lumina Fractional
  • BTL Exilis 360
  • Dermapen
  • Venus Freeze Radio Frequency
  • Skin needling with Mesotherapy & stem cell revision
  • Facial injectable Aesthetics
  • Plexr Soft Surgery
  • PRP Platelet-Rich Plasma (Vampire Face Lift)

More information on the above treatments can be found by following the links below.

After your consultation – we give you an idea of structure & start to plan the cycle of treatments.

young and old face showing ageing

Our Anti-Ageing Treatments

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