Acne Treatments at Evolve Skin Clinic

Acne. It can have physical and psychological effects on how you live your day to day life, especially for young people.

You know 40% of women and 35% of men will have acne at some point in their lives. Here’s the thing you need to know, acne isn’t something “you just have to live with” anymore, there are fantastic individualised acne treatments available for you at our Evolve clinic!

Puberty is the most common cause inflaming the sebaceous glands resulting in blackheads, whiteheads, cysts etc. But, more frequently we’re seeing a rise in adult acne. STRESS…is a key factor in the increase in cases among adults. This shows you that younger and older people can suffer from acne, that’s why at Evolve we take an individual approach to each treatment, altering the treatment as your skin progresses to suit your needs.

During a documentary called “Dying for clear skin” 15-year-old William Rickard opened up about the struggles of dealing with severe acne. Our very own Vicky Ann Kennedy was one of two Danne practitioners in the UK to carry out treatments on William, the results below show just 6 months of treatments.

Will Rickard - Dying for Clear Skin BBC Documentary

Acne can make you feel self-conscious or less confident, the treatments here at Evolve are personalised to fit your particular needs, with an average 80-90% improvement it really can change your life.

Click here to see more before and after transformations!

Email or give us a call 01204 528 884 to make an appointment at the clinic.

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